Girth Weld Coatings on the World's Highest Pipeline

The Gas Atacama pipeline was built for the mining industry in northern Chile. Fluor Daniel Williams Brothers Engineering provided the project design and the inspection services. The owner company, Gas Atacama Ltda., hired Bonatti-CPC de Chile Ltda. as the general contractor and we provided the girth weld area cleaning, coating, inspection and repairs for the entire line along its 411 km length–from Mejillones, Chile to Paso de Jama on the Argentinean border.  

This project encompassed 25,000 external girth welds of 20-inch diameter pipeline. Half of the welds were coated with FBE and half were coated with liquid epoxy, primer and a high temperature shrink sleeve. The “Gasoducto Atacama” is one of the highest pipelines in the world with elevations up to 5,200 meters above sea level as it progresses through the Andes Mountains between Chile and Argentina.