Offshore ID Girth Welds Coated Using Remote Controlled Equipment

The need for cooling water at the new Cantarell nitrogen plant in Mexico required the installation of three pipelines: two 48-inch intakes and one 42-inch outfall. The offshore section of this construction required three pipelines 4.5 km, 4.5 km, and 4.7 km respectively. The pipes were internally coated with liquid epoxy to prevent corrosion as well as reduce algae and barnacles forming on the pipe walls, which would inhibit the flow of water.

ICA / Fluor Daniel provided the project design. CCC Fabricaciones y Construcciones S.A. de C.V. / Global Industries was the lay contractor and used the laybarge ‘Iroquois’. Our Company cleaned and coated the internal girth welds using remote controlled, umbilical free machines to clean the weld area back to SA 2.5. Copon Hycote 162HB (E.Woods UK) was applied to the prepared surface. Real-time radio/video telemetry provided instant verification of cleaning and coating performed to specification.