trench breaker foam

Trench Breaker System

The CCSI Trench Breaker system, often referred to as a ditch breaker, is a temporary or permanently installed barrier at regular intervals in pipe trenches. Trench Breakers are used for the following purposes: 

1. To prevent erosion caused by the lateral movement of runoff in the open trench 

2. To allow the pipeline contractor to back fill up to the breaker

The CCSI Trench Breaker system is used as a foam breaker paired up with a specially formulated foam that prevents cathodic protection shielding.  The system is comprised of two parts that are mixed and sprayed by using nitrogen pressurized tanks to deploy the material into the trench at the appropriate ratio. Specifically, the foam circulates the pipe and builds up a breaker between the trench walls to the desired height. Trench Breakers are simple to install, are not labor intensive and provide a higher yield on material. The application equipment is easy to use and personnel can be trained on how to apply the material at the pipeline right-of-way. There is no complicated equipment to go off ratio—the material is always on ratio as it is applied and application is as simple as pulling the trigger. 

In addition to working with a company that delivers unparalleled customer service and support, the benefits of the Trench Breaker system are:

  • Simple to use and operate – only one person required to install
  • Reduced down time – no mechanical parts
  • Can be applied by a contractor
  • Available in standard or non-cathodic shielding foam
  • Average yield of product is 95 percent less waste
  • Same foam can be utilized as pipe pillows

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