Field joint coating

Internal Field Joint Coating

Aegion Coating Services offers proprietary robotic coatings and services for internal and external field joints in the oil & gas and mining industries. Using both liquid coatings and powder coatings, we can tackle a multitude of projects all over the world.


The technologies, services and products developed over the past three decades by Aegion Coating Services and its predecessors, CRTS and CCSI, have been used to protect all types of pipelines, including natural gas, crude oil, potable water, sewer and salt water.

Technology Leadership

Aegion Coating Services holds exclusive use of thirteen patents awarded by the United States and twenty patents awarded by other countries. Most of these patents pertain to the internal robotics used for the cleaning and application of coating products on internal pipeline welds. We continue to work on developing new, more effective methods of protecting steel from corrosion.

Internal Field Joint Coating Inspection

Aegion Coating Services also provides internal field joint coating inspection using a robotic camera. Our process checks coating thickness and also detects holidays in the coating, ensuring a quality product.


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