coatings inspection

CoatCheck® Automated Field Joint Coating Inspection

CoatCheck® was created as a tool to assist inspectors and owner companies in the tracking of both the coating quality and location of girth welds before they are buried or submerged. With the industry heading toward automation, heavy regulation and strict documentation, we realized the need for an automated method of tracking quality and increased ability to assist owner companies with a way to better document the work being performed on its right-of-way.

CoatCheck® performs its work in two stages. The first stage is performed after a blasted/cleaned surface is prepared. The anchor profile is measured, the location is logged and the environmental conditions are recorded. The second step takes place after coating when the unit takes multiple thickness measurements and conducts a holiday test. Each stage takes only about one minute to complete. All data is logged and ready for collection. Once collected, the information is presented in the format seen on the back of the CoatCheck® brochure.

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