joint infill

Mechanical Protection Infill

Aegion Coating Services’ Gatorback system (P450-8.0 IS) is a proprietary system formulated without the use of aromatic hydrocarbons, which are commonly used in competitive systems. The elimination of hydrocarbons in the P450 – 80 IS system allows for a safer and environmentally friendly system and is typically applied over each girth weld area of offshore pipelines with concrete weight coating.

  • Removable mold with outer reinforcing wrap does not peel off
  • Porous outer wrap allows quick saturation of the foam and does not shield cathodic protection
  • Foam is specially designed for immersion service and does not contain CFC or HCFC blowing agents
  • PSI-P450-80IS foam is formulated without hydrocarbon solvents
  • Two-component system mixed on a 1:1 ratio by volume
  • Readily pumped by standard plural component piston pumps
  • Foam quickly fills mold to achieve the compressive strengths necessary for stinger loads
  • Chemical components stay in solution and do not separate
  • Each shot results in a consistent joint
  • Nonflammable foam components
  • Health and safety standards are easily met
  • Tough outer surface resists damage during pipeline lowering and subsea activities
  • Simple, quick installation for short cycle times

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